Episode 43 : The Dragon Age Builders Hot Tub Mountain Path

Greetings! It’s the late podcast because James couldn’t edit it in time and its not the GOTY fest either.. sorry! But in the post-Xmas pre-New Year malaise we recorded this blast of off the cuff chatty chat. Eriol’s been on the dating sims again, Lee’s finally flying down the slopes and James has been building … [Read more…]

Episode 42 : Future Zone is clearly the Best

Whatup pod-peeps. We are back with a pre-festive but released post-festive episode where we don’t actually talk much about festive things. What do we ramble about? Well.. games? I guess? Eriol, Lee and James babble about Blizzard’s characters, new clothing inventory options, escape rooms and we end with a HOT BUTTON DEBATE about leveling. Boom. … [Read more…]

Episode 41 : Juicy Kingdom Hearts Fans

Meeelloww! Lee and James and Eriol return this week to continue the discussion of Final Fantasy XV – It’s not bad? Then Lee reaches back to the archives and gets all Dragons Dogma everywhere. James puts on his pretentious hat on to not talk about The Last Guardian for too long, then talks about The … [Read more…]

Telling Tales – What Games Mean to Me.

Everyone who plays games for a long enough period of time sometimes finds that they enter a slump. A period where nothing that you play seems to resonate with you, nothing seems “sticky”. You don’t get that urge to pick up the controller and have one more go, or wake up keen to boot up … [Read more…]

Episode 40 : Final Banter-sy am I rite?

Da-da da-DA Dun da da-du-DAAA We made it to 40 (ish) episodes! Gosh, and it only feels like yesterday when two bored Cardiffians decided to spout to the internet about games. This week! Lee runs down the early December gameblasts of Game Awards and PSX! James has joined to top lads for cheeky Cup Noodles … [Read more…]

Episode 39 : Valiant and Alienated

Hi! This week our roving reporters James and Eriol went to that London for Paralel Worlds at the V&A! Talks! VR! More talks! Lee runs down the news and has been preparing his body for Steep. By diving back to the Witcher 3 of course. Boom! We say, boom! Again James is sorry for late … [Read more…]

Episode 38 : Mark McGrath’s Infinite Ninja Boyfriend

Oh… Hello there, did you miss us? We missed us. Like there was no gap in record at all, Lee and James are joined by Eriol and cover a broad range of gaming topics! Mostly games! Snowboarding! Questing! Having Korean boyfriends! So come, join us for what could be the triumphant return of All the … [Read more…]

Episode 37 : No Mankind’s Divided

Oh snap, it’s a bumper episode. Why? well, maybe because  there is stuff everywhere worth talking bout. Enjoy as Lee recalls the cyberpunk delights of the latest in the critically also talked about Deus Ex. James on the other hand has been staring at the infinite void in No Man’s Sky.

Episode 36 : No Man’s WHYYYYY?

sorry for some flibbles on James’ audio this week D: Whey! This week we’ve not been playing the biggest game of the summer. Because it’s not out yet. And we are sad. Anyway! Lee and James are back this week to take on the latest video game news. James has actually finished a game too! … [Read more…]

Episode 35 : Hyper Catalyst Thought Experiments

Mellow! We are back this week with a laid back ramble, just for your ears. Lee has been playing games, James has been playing games also! My what a happy pair. Lee has been cavorting around the ‘City of Glass'(tm) and James has been Drifting the Hyperlight… Of course there is the usual rambles including … [Read more…]