Episode 39 : Valiant and Alienated

Hi! This week our roving reporters James and Eriol went to that London for Paralel Worlds at the V&A! Talks! VR! More talks! Lee runs down the news and has been preparing his body for Steep. By diving back to the Witcher 3 of course. Boom! We say, boom! Again James is sorry for late … [Read more…]

Episode 38 : Mark McGrath’s Infinite Ninja Boyfriend

Oh… Hello there, did you miss us? We missed us. Like there was no gap in record at all, Lee and James are joined by Eriol and cover a broad range of gaming topics! Mostly games! Snowboarding! Questing! Having Korean boyfriends! So come, join us for what could be the triumphant return of All the … [Read more…]

Episode 36 : No Man’s WHYYYYY?

sorry for some flibbles on James’ audio this week D: Whey! This week we’ve not been playing the biggest game of the summer. Because it’s not out yet. And we are sad. Anyway! Lee and James are back this week to take on the latest video game news. James has actually finished a game too! … [Read more…]

Episode 35 : Hyper Catalyst Thought Experiments

Mellow! We are back this week with a laid back ramble, just for your ears. Lee has been playing games, James has been playing games also! My what a happy pair. Lee has been cavorting around the ‘City of Glass'(tm) and James has been Drifting the Hyperlight… Of course there is the usual rambles including … [Read more…]

Episode 34 : It’s not really an achievement is it?

Meeelloowww. Sorry for the delay on this one, time and audio issues! Boo. Anyway this week Lee and James return to a bugbear of a topic of what exactly the point of ‘achievements’ are in games. But whatever, it was also nice to have a lovely natter about all things both video and games! Enjoy! … [Read more…]

Episode 32 : The one where we miss a few then E3 happened

Hi! Sorry about that. Lee and James breakdown and break down in this post-E3 hose blast of opinion and such. They also babble a little and generally try to stay upbeat in this strange time. Sorry we’ve missed a few episodes! If you want to listen back to the missing ones they are up on … [Read more…]