Pod Note March 2017

Hi all, James here.

You may have noticed that ATF has been a little… erratic as of late. There’s lots of various reasons for this. But first let get the sad news out in the air. Handing over to Lee:

I’m very sad to announce that I’ll no longer be a part of the All The Feels podcast.

The show has been a passion project for me since it’s inception and something that I’ve put a lot of time and emotion into.
Unfortunately my health is deteriorating to the point where I am no longer able to reliably be on the show, and I no longer feel like I am an asset to the dynamic of the podcast.
I wanted to create something professional and slick, as well as conversational and personal, and I feel like that has become lost over the time we have been working on the project.
I don’t feel that I like the direction the show has been taking, and I don’t think that we are providing the kind of performance that I envisaged, and was what made me enjoy the show so much in the beginning.
I would love to have made it to 50 shows, and I am the first to admit, that we would have made it to 52 episodes in the first year, were it not for my continued illness and unreliability.
I really want the show to go from strength to strength and wish the hosts the best with making the show as successful as it deserves to be.

Thankyou to everyone who took the time to listen to the show during my tenure.  It meant, and continues to mean a lot to me.

As always, I will continue to have all the feels


As Lee and I founded the podcast together, I would like to express how sad this makes me, but completely understand Lee’s decision and will greatly miss him. Of course the pod door will forever remain open to Lee’s lovely baritone and cyberpunk tendencies. WE WILL MISS YOU LEE. <3

Now as Freddie Mercury once said, with some awesome riffs and 80’s hair, the show must go on. I hope you continue to join us as we ramp up new episodes, we might even get in to a regular routine, but yes, the podcast will remain, despite the other projects we are involved with, we’ll also continue to try and do the best we can to give you the hot #content you deserve.

Have a lovely day Feelies,


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